[WEBINAR RECORDING] Private Markets Outlook for 2020 and Beyond: Trends to Watch

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In a webinar hosted by DealCloud on December 11th, 2019, Private Equity International Editor Isobel Markham sat down with Christopher Gaffney of Great Hill Partners, Griffith Norville of Hamilton Lane and Cobalt LP, and Rick Kushel of DealCloud, all of whom are leading dealmakers, fund managers, and technology experts who have unique perspectives on the factors that will impact the market most heavily.


Based in part on data and findings from the Hamilton Lane 2019 Market Overview, the panelists and moderators discussed and contextualized several key metrics to watch as dealmakers prepare for 2020 and beyond. They also provided insight into the key technology initiatives that best-in-class firms are instituting to ensure value creation and organizational excellence.


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