[WEBINAR RECORDING] Get to Know DealCloud Dispatch: The Marketing and Communications Platform Built for the Capital Markets

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In a webinar hosted by DealCloud on March 26th, 2020, Max Haskin, Head of Client Solutions, and Dan Hammaker, Director of Product Management, provided an overview of Dispatch, our fully integrated marketing solution.


To compete in the crowded capital markets, firms must announce their successes, advertise their strike zone, and establish their credibility at every opportunity. With Dispatch, you can send sophisticated and branded communications to your key institutional relationships — including deal announcements, industry analysis/reports, press releases, fundraising communications, promotion and new-hire announcements, event invitations, holiday cards, newsletters, and much more.


It’s more than just distribution: You’ll also collect the engagement metrics on each campaign and better understand the ROI of your marketing activities. Submissions captured in Dispatch webpages and webforms flow seamlessly into DealCloud to be capitalized on in real-time, as well.


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