[WEBINAR RECORDING] How to Connect the Dots of Your Technology Ecosystem

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In an effort to reduce manual data entry and time-intensive processes, countless capital markets firms have embarked on the process of creating a more connected technology ecosystem. In doing so, they are increasing operational efficiency and fostering stronger user adoption of the technologies the firm uses.


In this webinar, DealCloud’s Matthew Hardcastle (Client Development Director) and it|venture’s Bertie Heyman (CEO / Founder) and Maximilian Evans review a step-by-step roadmap for approaching these projects at your firm. No matter if you don’t have technical capabilities in-house or full-time staff on-hand to dedicate to the initiative, these practical and actionable insights will serve as foundational knowledge for your short-term and long-term interests.


The benefits of a connected technology ecosystem include reduced burden of data entry, accelerated access to information, streamlined communication, enhanced compliance standards, and increased value of all software investments. Regardless of the size of your firm, creating transparency with the help of technology is a worthwhile endeavor.


Together, DealCloud and it|venture share their deep knowledge and understanding of how to design and orient data flows to fit the requirements of a best-in-class capital markets organization.

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