[WEBINAR RECORDING] Financial Services Transform Operations with Technology

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For years, financial services firms have sought to streamline their internal operations by implementing next-generation technology solutions. While some firms have been quick to change and adapt, others have struggled to keep up with LP and client expectations.


In this webinar, DealCloud’s Amit Lalwani (SVP, Global Business Development) and Lionpoint Group’s Jonathan Broch (Director) review the key trends pushing firms to more heavily invest time, energy, and resources into technology transformation initiatives. They also provide step-by-step guides for choosing a foundational technology platform, as well assessing which systems can be integrated into the technology stack to drive efficiencies and reduce operational risks.


For those beginning their technology transformation process, we know that the road ahead can seem daunting. Our speakers will discuss the key benefits of a technology-enabled financial services firm and why, now more than ever, a firm’s success is dictated by its ability to work efficiently.


As a bonus, we provide insight into a specific firm’s technology transformation process and the impact it made on operations. Since this firm worked with both LionPoint and DealCloud throughout their modernization process, webinar attendees will get an inside look at the entire project.


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