Get to Know DealCloud Product: Spring 2020 Release

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DealCloud is pleased to announce and review the details of the Spring 2020 product release. In a webinar hosted by DealCloud on May 28th, 2020, Jack Broadbent, Director of Product Management, Dan Hammaker Director of Product Management, and Max Haskin, Head of Client Solutions, Americas, review the exciting upcoming enhancements DealCloud has made to the way the dealmakers work with each other and leverage data.


These enhancements are fueled by feedback and suggestions we have received from our cross-functional user base, and effectively streamline the way dealmakers edit, search, visualize, and report on their data.


Key enhancements the team review include Super Context, the ability to filter entries based on similar attributes; our newest DataCortex integration with S&P Global Market Intelligence; Automations; and other notable innovations made to our core product functionality.


With our new product solution, Automations, we are enabling our clients to alleviate the burden of tedious tasks and repetitive data entry, which we expect to be particularly useful now that many firms are taking an “all hands on deck” approach to new business development.


We also know that in addition to being best-in-class negotiators and dealmakers, capital markets professionals are becoming something akin to data scientists. That is why we continue to provide our client base with a steady drumbeat of new reporting, analysis, and data visualization capabilities. These enhancements provide not only increased flexibility in your data administration efforts, but offers a new layer of sophistication to your reporting.


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