[WEBINAR RECORDING] Best in Class Technology: Solving PE Reporting Challenge

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Today, capital markets professionals are under increased pressure with requests from management and LPs.  As a result, this requires them to produce complex and accurate reports at the click of a button. Because transactions are constantly evolving, dealmakers and market professionals need real-time reports that help them focus on the most time-sensitive and high-priority items. For capital markets professionals, data analysis drives the decision making process.


In this webinar, DealCloud’s Eric Levinson (Director, Client Development) and Cobalt’s Ashley Smith (Director, Customer Success) and Jason Weinstein (CEO), share their deep knowledge and understanding of how to develop best-in-class reporting. The reports help to fit the requirements of a successful capital market organization. Additionally, these streamlined reporting capabilities and integrated datasets ease the burden of reporting. Because of this, capital markets professionals are able to communicate performance in a meaningful, relevant, and timely manner.


Throughout the session, the panelists showcase DealCloud’s and Cobalt’s automated reporting capabilities. Capital markets professionals can then leverage reporting for their day-to-day needs. Regardless of the size of the firm, real-time reporting fuels better decision-making which enables capital markets professionals to more efficiently serve clients.

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