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Through the market’s highs and lows, DealCloud has partnered with countless capital markets firms and has had the privilege of being their partner, consultant, and sounding board. With those valuable insights in our back pocket, we decided to formalize our insights by creating the Dealmaker Pulse Survey, and by sharing the findings with you.


In this webinar, DealCloud’s Amit Lalwani (SVP, Global Business Development) shares the results of the Spring 2020 Dealmaker Pulse Survey along with data-driven takeaways specifically for investment banks and advisory firms. It is our hope that these strategies will help you to better navigate your deal and relationship management activities for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.


We found that technology is the single most important driver in the ability to move quickly, stay organized, and be competitive in today’s private capital markets. That’s why the entire DealCloud team holds steady in our belief that only smart, flexible technology can sufficiently adapt to the complex world of investment banking and the seemingly never-ending backflips that investment bankers professionals and advisory firms must perform in order to do their jobs.


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