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Our clients leverage DealCloud every day, but our platform is certainly not the only technology they use. By building and enabling application programming interfaces (APIs) between DealCloud and other systems, we empower our clients to work more effectively across business systems, technologies, and solutions. Each client who wants an integration will get a custom one, so every API is configured in a way that ensures data normalization and adherence to the procedures our clients perform every day. DealCloud clients have successfully deployed a wide array of APIs across software categories for front, middle, and back office solutions.

These areas include HR systems, Portfolio monitoring tools, Event management software, Alternative CRM platforms, Communication systems, Data rooms, and much, much more.

Whether a system is proprietary to your firm or externally built, its data can be systematically transferred to or from DealCloud in a way that enhances operational efficiency and fosters stronger user adoption across all platforms.
Our clients who choose to integrate systems via DealCloud’s API typically do so in order to reduce the burden of data entry on multiple systems, speed up their access to specific data or lists of data, or to streamline the communication between systems that rely on changes elsewhere to get up to date.


In some cases, these connections are established to meet compliance standards by keeping the right parties informed systematically and expediently. The DealCloud team has a deep knowledge and understanding of how to design and orient data flows to fit the requirements of a best-in-class capital markets organization. We know that our clients are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and processes across all areas of their business, and as such, we are experienced in building integrated APIs for a wide range of third-party solutions. Our team has implemented hundreds of customized solutions to alleviate pain points across all types of organizations, to enhance the speed of reporting and to optimize operational efficiency.

Furthermore, all entries in DealCloud are accessible via the DealCloud API, meaning that our clients can access any data tracked and hosted in DealCloud seamlessly alongside a wide variety of other systems which can be permissioned, operated, managed, and viewed by all the right teams and users at a firm. We know that when technology works together, the time and energy saved can make all the difference.

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