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Complex market dynamics demand that modern-day investment bankers and M&A advisors be increasingly agile. Without the right tools and technology at their disposal, buyer identification is arduous, due diligence tends to be slower, and getting the deal to close is much harder.


DealCloud’s platform enables investment bankers and advisors to track activities on the buy-side and sell-side, originate and develop more relationships, create tailored buyer lists, and much more. In creating a fully configurable platform, DealCloud has enabled investment bankers, M&A advisors, merchant bankers, and corporate finance professionals to execute on their client responsibilities with speed and accuracy. We’re proud to provide a technology backbone to intermediary firms of all sizes, ranging from regional and boutique firms to large, multinational banks.

From strategy to execution

Buyers and sellers rely on intermediaries to manage the day-to-day developments of a deal ― and nothing short of the ideal outcome is acceptable.


That’s why best-in-class investment banking professionals leverage DealCloud’s platform to run a sophisticated deal process from start to finish:



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  • Create better outcomes for your clients
  • Enhance likelihood of a closed deal
  • Increase market coverage
  • Improve pipeline visibility

  • Streamline business development activity management
  • Heighten transparency across team members
  • Accelerate compliance checks
  • Increase deal execution efficiency


“Through DealCloud we are able to deploy our unique and extensive processes that captures a broad universe of data and efficiently put that to work for our clients benefit.”


Max Eckstein

“Having 50 years of collective experience across a diverse range of industries it was important for us to have one centralized location for all of our deal sourcing efforts which houses all of our institutional knowledge. The DealCloud team did an amazing job in helping us aggregate all of this information, enabling us to do our work in a more efficient manner.”

Brian Alas

“After a thorough search of multiple possible CRMs to replace Salesforce we chose DealCloud as the best fit for our team. The technology they have built is well-ahead of the other CRMs. We believe it will make us more productive and efficient as a company. Ultimately, it will allow Cornerstone be more successful and better serve our clients.”

Scott Bushkie

“DealCloud was the obvious choice for BRGCA. It’s a true end-to-end solution that solves the major issues with managing deal execution. With deal teams in five cities, we can work seamlessly across a single platform.”

Roger Johnson

“DealCloud helps us to see verified data right next to our proprietary notes and activity logs. It’s so valuable to have all of that information organized and centralized in one location for all of our team members to see.”

Dan Ward

“As our firm continues to grow, we are focused on making sure that we have an information solution that can be a foundational platform for us. After reviewing alternative platforms, DealCloud is unique in its ability to grow alongside us and provide numerous ways for our Shamrock team to harness and leverage our data and knowledge base.”

Andy Howard

“We sought out a platform that would help us understand which activities are most productive, which relationships are most active and what our inbound/outbound lead funnel looks like. After much research, we believe that DealCloud is the best path forward for us.”

Taylor Curtis

“DealCloud’s solution provides us with a more effective and efficient collaboration engine across our business workflows, enabling us to enhance our client relationships, while increasing the company’s performance. We are also very satisfied with the agility and the bespoke support provided by their team of experts.”

Michel Degryck

“We have been looking extensively for a full-fledged CRM and project management system that can cope with the complexity of our business. DealCloud is specifically designed for M&A services and thus provides us with everything we need without losing flexibility. DealCloud offers a state of the art integration with Office 365, which helps us to keep better track of our projects and increase efficiency and transparency for ourselves and our clients.”

Jan-Willem Ditters

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