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DealCloud is custom-fit for the complex relationships and transaction structures of venture capital firms. We offer VCs an enterprise-grade, cutting edge, and single-source solution that outpaces traditional CRM platforms. Although generic systems are built to meet the needs of sales and retail organizations, DealCloud was thoughtfully built to support a many-to-many relationship object model.


When we say fully configurable, we mean it: It’s easy to access and configure any field or data set, regardless of fund size or investment preferences. During the implementation process, we equip clients with custom network coverage reports and dashboards, so the entire firms feels the technology’s impact from Day One. With DealCloud’s configuration, clients are able to track what they need and eliminate what they don’t. All functionalities are also available on DealCloud’s mobile app, making it easy for professionals to keep their fingers on the pulse of the fast-moving VC landscape.


From tracking your executive network pipeline to looking up funding history data to monitoring board seats and liquidity preferences, DealCloud has been refined to help the most competitive venture firms execute on deals more effectively and build more meaningful relationships.

From strategy to execution

In a hypercompetitive funding landscape, VCs need to maintain visibility on developments in their industries and track emerging trends. That’s why they leverage DealCloud to more effectively deploy capital in the following areas:


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We’re here to help


With DealCloud, support doesn’t stop with the implementation process. Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager to oversee your needs as your team grows, and as your needs evolve.


Because they are highly knowledgeable on the capital markets and the strategies that firms deploy, they act as a partner and are singularly focused on helping you make DealCloud work for your firm’s purposes (no matter how complex or unique). We also provide on-demand technical support across multiple time zones so you will always have the resources you need.


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  • Achieve better market coverage
  • Grow and maintain relationships
  • Enhance forecasting capabilities and pipeline visibility
  • Stay compliant and mitigate risk
  • Add more value post-investment

  • Increase the likelihood of closed deals
  • Streamline and organize business development activities
  • Establish better transparency across team members and stakeholders
  • Execute on deals more efficiently
  • Create robust, customized reports


“We combine transitional capital with transformational expertise to help companies achieve exit readiness on their founder’s timetable and needed a platform that was as innovative and progressive as our deals are. The DealCloud platform and team have been incredible to work with powering our deal making process.”

Sam Kentor

“DealCloud’s broad adoption in the market speaks to the need for a comprehensive platform for deal professionals, rather than simply a generic customer relationship management (CRM). We are excited to be a part of the continued success of the company.”

Joe Maxwell

“We are a firm made up of entrepreneurs and problem solvers ready to make a difference in the startup world. We needed a solution that would be able to keep up with and meet all of our needs. DealCloud was the best option for us in the market.”

Dean Hatton

“It became essential for us to have a platform that effortlessly centralized our institutional knowledge. DealCloud’s mobile app is perfect for our deal team as they are able to update deals on the go with no interruptions.”

Chris Ho

“As a hyper-focused venture firm, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to being process-driven and methodical in our approach to investing. We rely on DealCloud to organize our deal and relationship management efforts and to centralize data pertaining to our portfolio companies, capital and services providers, and talent network so that we can focus on being value-added partners to our brands and operators.”

Dan Gluck

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