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Whether working remotely or self-quarantining, the DealCloud team is poised and ready to provide all of its clients with the support they need. See below for details on our resources.

Account management and support

Every DealCloud client is assigned an account team to oversee your needs as your team grows, and as your needs evolve. They act as a partner and are singularly focused on helping you make DealCloud work for your firm’s purposes (no matter how complex or unique).



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Live trainings

With a platform as unique and complex as DealCloud, there are sure to be questions. Our Training team is focused on helping you resolve those questions and get you back to closing deals. We provide on-demand trainings for groups, especially for those that are new to DealCloud or have only recently been implemented.



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DealCloud University

DealCloud University (DCU) empowers you with confidence in understanding our platform and your ability to achieve your firm’s goals. Our on-demand training resources are readily available via the DealCloud platform so you can conveniently find answers quickly — accessible 24/7.



To access our self-paced learning resources on DealCloud University, click here.

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