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The leading capital markets technology platforms are now connected, providing an end-to-end solution for dealmakers that reduces administrative burden and creates greater transparency.



An industry as complex as the capital markets demands purpose-built technology that’s easily tailored to meet your firm’s unique needs.  That is why DealCloud and SmartRoom have teamed up to create an integrated solution that unites the industry’s leading LP investor portal and virtual data room to DealCloud solutions.  By connecting these powerful technologies, your firm can manage and streamline fundraising, LP communication, and portfolio company exits from a single source.



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Control granular user permission and security directly from user lists in DealCloud. SmartRoom’s SmartLock technology extends security beyond the  platform with remote document detonation.


Leverage end-to-end deal lifecycle management with the fully integrated and customized solution. Maintain complete  records of investor  communication with the evolved relationship  intelligence of DealCloud.


Streamline processes and  accelerate workflows with  real-time data management from. Make informed decisions on your next deal with valuable insights from robust data analytics.

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