Today, mounting market forces are putting escalating demands on capital markets participants to transform the way they operate. They must ensure adherence to evolving, ever-stricter regulatory rules, compliance requirements, and professional standards. In response to these demands, firms leverage the DealCloud suite of compliance solutions — to automate the process of checking for conflicts of interest at all stages of a deal, and to manage obligations in legal agreements such as NDAs, term sheets, LPAs, and side letters.


You’ll accelerate conflicts resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. You’ll also gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents.


Our data protection, storage, and privacy practices are sophisticated and diligent, designed to meet the risk and compliance needs and concerns of firms ranging to small private entities to large, publicly-traded firms.

Leverage AI-powered intelligence to mitigate risk exposure


We offer AI-powered solutions to help identify, capture, and autocategorize the terms of a transaction and related agreements to deliver the best outcomes for your clients.


Equipped with the ability to prioritize the terms considered most important to the firm, capital markets professionals can communicate more effectively with stakeholders and better understand commitments.



Gain insight into increasingly complex legal terms >

Manage conflicts of interest and compliance


Storing and searching sensitive data about deals, investment preferences, and commitments in spreadsheets or other disparate systems is fraught with potential risks, including information loss, data manipulation, and unauthorized access. Each of these failures can lead to substantial financial liabilities and reputational damage for your firm.


DealCloud places a premium on security to address the unique needs of capital markets firms like yours. By choosing DealCloud, you can speed the clearance of conflicts and enable your compliance teams to be better partners. Our extensive audit capabilities help your team remain compliant while also building a competitive edge in the marketplace.



Accelerate conflict resolution and decrease risk exposure



“With DealCloud, we have a solution built specifically for our needs giving a single, all-encompassing view of clients, people networks, and prospects.”


Dan Surowiec

“DealCloud enables our investment professionals to move seamlessly between end markets. We can leverage the firm’s (past) deals, notes, contacts, historical conversations, and documents to make efficient and effective decisions.”


Monica Stone

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