Conflict Management

Today, mounting market forces are putting escalating demands on capital markets participants to transform the way they operate. They must ensure adherence to evolving, ever-stricter regulatory rules, compliance requirements, and professional standards. In response to these demands, firms leverage the DealCloud suite of compliance solutions — to automate the process of checking for conflicts of interest at all stages of a deal, and to manage obligations in legal agreements such as NDAs, term sheets, LPAs, and side letters.

You’ll accelerate conflicts resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. You’ll also gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents.

Our data protection, storage, and privacy practices are sophisticated and diligent, designed to meet the risk and compliance needs and concerns of firms ranging to small private entities to large, publicly-traded firms.

Manage conflicts of interest and risk

Storing and searching sensitive data about deals, investment preferences, and commitments in spreadsheets or other disparate systems is fraught with potential risks, including information loss, data manipulation, and unauthorized access. Each of these failures can lead to substantial financial liabilities and reputational damage for your firm.

DealCloud places a premium on security to address the unique needs of capital markets firms like yours. By choosing DealCloud, you can speed the clearance of conflicts and enable your compliance teams to be better partners. Our extensive audit capabilities help your team remain compliant while also building a competitive edge in the marketplace.

DealCloud Conflicts offers the most trusted, efficient and transparent solution for modern deal conflict identification, review, clearance, and reporting. By connecting and centralizing all data sources that your firm relies on, DealCloud’s conflict of interest management software enables a comprehensive search of quality data, eliminating the need to search in multiple systems.

Conflict of interest management software features & benefits

As firms across the capital markets spectrum seek to originate and close more deals, it’s important that firms remain compliant with regulators and agencies such as Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, and the Market Abuse Regime (MAR) in Europe. In order to do so, and to avoid costly fines, investment banking and other firms must reduce the organizational complexity and administrative burden of checking for conflicts of interest. By leveraging DealCloud’s investment bank conflicts management software , not only will more checks be performed by your firm, your firm will reduce its risk exposure.

Conflict Management software features:

Accelerate Review

By negating the need for manual checks across multiple systems including Excel, dealmakers can review and clear conflicts of interest more quickly. Leveraging DealCloud’s technology uses artificial intelligence to inspect even the most inconsistent and insufficient data sets.

Maintain Comprehensive Diligence

 While your firm can institute unique and specific workflows for checking conflicts, DealCloud’s technology automatically performs a comprehensive analysis of restrictions that exist with companies that are conflicted, individual conflicts and personal holdings, significant shareholdings or ownership, and much more.

Act as a Single Source of Truth

By centralizing your firm’s relationship and deal data, the DealCloud Conflicts solution compiles an accurate record of NDAs, allows firms to track material Nonpublic information (MNPI), and eliminates the need for manual entity lookups. With a single source of truth, dealmakers can search subsidiaries, shareholders, and related parties and more confidently and consistently leverage client data and hierarchies.

Reduce Operating Costs

Gone are the days of manually sifting through data to check for conflicts of interest. DealCloud’s solution enables seamless handoffs and approvals between team members, provides transparency on the review progress, establishes transparency into the entire conflicts process. Adding to your firm’s existing operational model, DealCloud also comes equipped with a notification engine that alerts stakeholders when conflict situations change.

Leverage Automation

 DealCloud’s conflict of interest management software automates repetitive and duplicative tasks, enabling dealmakers to focus more time and attention on transactions. By leveraging AI-assisted conflicts clearance software, dealmakers can work more efficiently, more regularly.

Minimize Risk

 DealCloud’s smart, purpose-built software enables capital markets firms to design and maintain an auditable process for conflict management. By reducing the risk of manual errors, investors and bankers can instead rely on a comprehensive audit trail of communications and key approvals in one, centralized location.

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DealCloud Differentiators

DealCloud provides the only technology that streamlines the deal, relationship, and pipeline management process that also enables dealmakers to check and clear conflicts of interest. By centralizing firm-wide data, dealmakers who leverage DealCloud can quickly search across watch and restricted lists, existing NDAs, corporate hierarchy and shareholders, personal accounts, firm holdings, CLO positions. WorldCheck/Sanctions, and the current pipeline. This, combined with best-in-class data security and third-party security certifications to ensure data protection, makes the DealCloud conflict of interest management solution truly differentiated.

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