DataFox’s Private Company Database in the DealCloud platform

DataFox company data can now be leveraged within DealCloud to help investment firms take a more data-driven and tech-savvy approach to deal sourcing, giving them a competitive advantage. DealCloud clients can search and query DataFox’s data sets directly from within the DealCloud platform. The resulting companies, contacts, and deal information are then matched and combined with each client’s proprietary data into a single cohesive record based on a client’s preferences.


When new data is available or updates are provided to existing entries, these new data points can automatically be updated in a client’s DealCloud instance, significantly reducing the need for manual input and duplicate entries. DealCloud DataCortex enables access to 2,000,000 companies, a network of contacts, and 47,000 deals, providing firmographic and contact information.


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“The DataFox integration has allowed us to get everything out of DealCloud that we wanted, and as an organization, everyone has realized why we need a CRM with great data and prospecting tools.”

Dan Ward

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