Pipeline management


In today’s competitive investment landscape, monitoring the progress of every deal is a necessity. Market forces and increasing LP expectations demand that firms get better at moving deals from stage to stage faster, and with more precision. Diligent pipeline management is one of the best ways to avoid an unexpected deal failure, so the most successful dealmakers leverage real-time data to guide their day-to-day actions. But without a single source of truth for this data, dealmakers are left with questions, confusion, and disorganization.


It’s time for firms to take control of their pipelines so they can focus on the deals and relationships that matter. With vertical-specific technology designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions with many participants, DealCloud has a strong track record of helping firms transform the way they approach every stage of a deal, from origination to execution.


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Configured to match your unique processes


Hidden behind every closed-deal “tombstone” is an intricate story, with a unique set of steps taken to get the deal done. For every major step in the dealmaking process, there are dozens of smaller steps within it. And every firm has a different spin on what exactly that process should look like.


That’s why DealCloud enables firms to configure their unique instances of the platform to adhere to their existing dealmaking process, instead of forcing them to adapt to a generic, and likely irrelevant, workflow.
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Real-time dashboards, reports, and notifications

The DealCloud platform enables firms to have insight into exactly where all deals and interactions stand at any given moment — and makes it easier to understand what next steps need to be taken.


Custom dashboards, reports, and notifications can be configured at the individual user, team, or firm level, and can be updated with just a few clicks. Having these focused, personalized views available not only helps junior team members focus on the details, but also enables senior leadership to see the big picture at any time.


“DealCloud is great at helping us manage our active pipeline and prospective deals. The added level of value lies in our enhanced ability to report on and analyze relationships with intermediaries and the ideas they have brought us.”


Frank Winslow

“Traditional CRM platforms are based on the sales department pipeline model, which doesn’t align with the way leading law firms like Baker McKenzie operate to develop client relationships. With DealCloud, we will have a solution built specifically for our needs giving a single, all-encompassing view of clients, people networks, and prospects.”


Dan Surowiec

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